1982 market values for residential and commercial property

1982 market values for residential and commercial property for capital gains tax purposes: when and where do you need them?

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a tax on the gain you make when you sell or otherwise 'dispose of' an asset which can be property or land.

When do I need them?

In certain circumstances where the disposal is:

  • property bought as an investment eg Buy-to-let
  • second home eg a holiday home
  • business premises
  • piece of land

You will need to calculate the Capital Gains Tax  on your sold property on the basis of the market value of that property on the 31 March 1982.

CGT is not usually payable on property where it is your main residence due to Private Residence Relief. See Work out tax relief when you sell you home. The market value of the property is the price your property might reasonably be expected to have fetched in a sale on the open market.

If you owned the property at 31 March 1982 you use its market value on that day instead of the cost of your property (normally the amount you paid for the land, building or lease when you bought or acquired it).

Where do I find 31 March 1982 values for property or land?

There are few published sources for 1982 values with residential best covered:

Valuation Office Agency (VOA)  Property Report 1982 cover values of agricultural land, residential building  land, industrial building land, housing, offices and warehouses.


  • Regional house price tables: UK house prices since 1952;
  • New/older/modern properties post 1973.

Office of National Statistics ONS House Market data tables

  • Table 8 Mix Adjusted house price index by region for Q2 1968 (Quarterly) and from 2002
  • Table 10 Mix adjusted house price index and current annual house price change by new/other dwellings, type of buyer and region from Qr2 1968
  • Table 14 Mix adjusted house price index by regional from Q2 1968
  • Table 22 House prices from 1930s, annual house price inflation

Essential Information Group: 1982 Property Auction Data

Subscription database of over 18,500 properties sold at auction between 1st January 1981 and 31st December 1983.

Library resources

  • 'Hillier Parker Rent Index Digest' September 1994 provides rental indices by region and type of commercial property from May 1965-August 1994.
  • 'The Farmland Market' (ceased publication 2012)February 1983 offers farm and bare land prices in England and Wales (1982 values).
  • 'Estate Gazette'.
  • Our members can assist with CGT computations. Find a Surveyor will help you to find chartered surveyors in your area.