When’s the Best Time to Move Home?

When Best Time Move Home?

Planning your move around the days and months that most people typically don’t move can save you a lot of time and guarantee a stress-free day.

You’ll ensure you have access to the most resources in terms of packing supplies, movers and removals vehicles.

It should also mean you feel less rushed, as you should be one of the few people moving on your chosen day.


Research conducted by ULS Technology in 2015 found that over 41% of house moves took place on a Friday, followed by Monday at 17%. Conversely, weekends proved to be the time when most people chose not to move.

The majority of people tend to move on a Friday as it allows them time over the weekend to settle in, and also means they can get away without having to take too much time off work.

On top of this, removal companies get a lot of reservations at the weekends, so you’ll have difficulty hiring a removals van and supplies. Even if you make a reservation in advance, you’ll be paying more than you would on other days.

The best time to move is during the middle of the week, Monday to Thursday, which is substantially quieter given that moving companies have the fewest reservations on these days. You’ll have the best chance of getting a booking and at the lowest price.


Predominantly, summer time is the busiest time of the year for movers, while the beginning and end of each month are traditionally busier than mid-month, regardless of the season. 

If you want to get a good price on a new home, then you will want to move in the autumn or winter months. However, if you need to sell your own home first, and fast, you should plan to move in the spring when you have a better chance of a sale.

You should always aim for mid-month, on or around the 15th. This usually avoids all major holidays and means fewer people should be moving, so prices will be better and more services will be available. Try to avoid the first of the month as this is primarily when everyone else will be moving, due to seeing out the remainder of their lease.