How To: Market Your Property

How To: Market Your Property

An estate agent will discuss with you the best way to sell your property and the price to expect from the sale and the various marketing options.

When you’ve decided which agent (or agents) to go with, ask them to come round to discuss your property with you. An RICS estate agent will offer good advice on the best way to sell your particular property, whether by negotiated contract, auction or sealed bid.

They’ll also tell you how much you can realistically expect to get after you’ve paid all the fees and taxes, and whether smartening up your home will increase the selling price.

Let the agent know how quickly you want to sell, as this could affect their advice. An RICS estate agent can also help you look for a new home, if you haven’t already found somewhere and can arrange for it to be surveyed for you.

Once you enter into a contract with an agent, they have to give you details in writing of their charges and the length of the contract. Make sure you understand the contract fully before you sign. You don’t want to sign into a lengthy tie-in.

Often the agent will be more than happy to conduct the viewing on your behalf, but here are some tips for showing round potential buyers yourself:

  • first impressions count, so make sure your house is always clean and tidy
  • buyers like light airy rooms, so open windows and put lights on if the weather’s dull
  • if it’s winter, put the heating on so it feels warm and inviting
  • if possible don’t have your pets in the house when potential buyers come round and try to get rid of any pet smells
  • when you show people round, don’t talk too much. Let them ask questions
  • make viewings easy, so they feel comfortable about coming back.

You might also find it beneficial to have your own survey such as an RICS Condition Report on the property before you put it on the market.