RICS Consumer Guide: Dilapidations

RICS Consumer Guide: Dilapidations

This guide provides information for tenants and landlords on things to consider when dealing with a dilapidations claim made by a landlord at or near the end of the lease term.

It focuses on the basics of the dilapidations process only and does not deal specifically with leases which end because of the exercising of a break clause.

What does "dilapidations" mean?

This guide relates to the law and procedures for commercial property in England and Wales, other parts of the UK have their own law and processes which can be different to the information in the guide. Whilst the Dilapidations Protocol only applies to commercial disputes it is likely that its procedures will also be regarded as best practice in residential disputes.

Using the services of a chartered surveyor during a dilapidations claim will prove invaluable. They will offer clear and concise information and advice to help you through a claim.

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