RICS Consumer Guide: Flooding

RICS Consumer Guide: Flooding

This is a detailed and accessible guide for home owners, helping them amongst other things to identify flood risks to their property. Other topics include:

  • Checking if a property is at risk of flooding

  • Preparing for a flood

  • Creating a flood emergency plan

  • Recovery and what happens after a flood

The guide also explains how to get professional advice on flood resilience measures (to ensure property can cope with a flood) from accredited surveyors regulated by RICS and adhering to its strict code of conduct. 

This timely guide will help home owners prepare as best they can for extreme weather events, which unfortunately are becoming more common and severe due to climate change.

This guide assists the public in understanding their property's risk of flooding, helps them establish a plan of action, and educates them on how best to prepare for such an event and the full range of potential impacts.

Good preparation also means that consumers affected by flooding can get their property back in its original condition as soon as possible, limiting the potentially devastating impact that floods can bring.