RICS Helpline Scheme

The RICS Helpline Scheme provides you with access to impartial, expert advice from certified members about specific property matters.

  • Boundary Disputes

    It is crucial to know the correct boundary of a property as uncertainty over its physical extent may affect many aspects of ownership including physical use, rights to repair, maintenance and access to the land. 

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  • Compulsory Purchase

    Compulsory purchase is when the government, council or a utility company has the legal right to buy or take rights over private property.

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  • Party Walls

    Let us help you with Party Wall issues with unbiased advice. A party wall divides the buildings of two owners. This 'boundary' is usually, but not always, positioned at the centre of the wall.

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  • Ratings

    Rating is a valuation specialism that takes in business rates, council tax and national taxation (such as inheritance tax and capital gains tax).

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