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Find a Surveyor – RICS Firms FAQs

Answers to commonly asked RICS firms questions

Firm listings

Q. Why do I have to pay to appear on Find a Surveyor?

A. You do not have to pay to appear on Find a Surveyor; all surveying firms are given a standard entry on the website.

Each year we send out a renewal form to all member firms, if you complete this form you will automatically become an Advantage listing displaying your contact details. If you choose to take any upgrades these will be added to your Advantage entry. If you would ike to appear on the first page of a particular search result, you then become a Showcase listing.

Find a Surveyor lists firms which provide an independent surveying service to the public or business AND employ at least one qualified Chartered Surveyor or Associate RICS member. RICS believes the public and business are best served by choosing an RICS regulated firm. Find a Surveyor only displays surveying firms which are regulated by RICS unless the user chooses to deselect this option.

Levels of listings:

Advantage package

  • Further enhance your listing with added website and logo to better promote your brand and maximise enquiries.
  • Plus increase your search presence with your choice of an extra search location or 2 additional surveying services
  • Have higher appearance in search results than Standard listings
  • A personalised ‘about us’ enables you to display your range of services and make a feature of your specialties and areas covered.

Spotlight Package

  • Choose from 5 Surveying Services plus an extra search location in order to expand where you appear
  • Appear higher in search results than standard and advanced listings

Showcase Package

  • Appear higher in search results than standard, advanced and spotlight listings
  • Choose up to 10 Surveying Services
  • Showcase your company news and social media links
  • When users click on your profile you benefit from having no competitor adverts displayed next to your listing, making you more of a feature.


Q. How are firms listed in the search results?

A. Find a Surveyor uses Google geo-location to order results it delivers. Google geolocation takes the centre point of the user’s search location (eg postcode, town, city, borough and county) and lists surveying offices by their proximity to that centre point.


Q. Why would a firm further away from the search location be higher up on the list of results than a closer firm?

A. Similar to Google search results firms appear higher in the list by paying to become a “premium listing” (this option was called a “Featured listing” on previous versions of the site). Where more than one “premium listing” is included in search results these are then ordered by their proximity to the centre point of the users search location.


Q. Why do firms outside an area appear in search results?

A. Google geo-location looks for addresses in our database of firms which fall within a rectangle extending from the centre point of the search.


Sometimes the rectangle will overlap with bordering towns and counties causing firms outside the area to appear in search results. The illustration above shows that in order to accommodate the county of Nottinghamshire in its entirety, some parts of bordering counties are included in the search results. Assuming the search was purely for “Nottinghamshire” then all surveying firms within the red box would be included in the results which are then ordered by premium listings and proximity to the central marker point. Additionally firms who practice in a location but do not have a physical office within it can pay to be included in the search results for that location.


Q. How does the ‘Surveying Services’ filter work?

A. A ‘Surveying Service’ is the surveying specialism you can provide to a consumer. To help consumers, we have enabled the option to filter location searches by the surveying services they require. Surveying Services are paid for by firms. By charging we deter firms from adding surveying service they do not provide in order to receive more enquiries for business, this has happened in the past and resulted in numerous complaints from users. To let a user know what ‘Surveying Service’ you can offer please contact our sales agency Sunday Publishing on 0207 871 2664 or email maddie@wearesunday.com.


Q. How can I change the details which appear for my firm?

A. We are keen that the details we keep on firms in our database are up to date. If your details need updating, please contact RICS – contactrics@rics.org. If you are interested in further enhancing your listing and including more information about your firm then please contact our sales agency Sunday Publishing on 0207 871 2664 or email maddie@wearesunday.com.


Q. Why does my firm not appear at all?

A. If your firm isn’t displayed in search results then you may be making a search which is too narrow. Please de-select any surveying services you have chosen and run the search again. If you still do not appear in search results please broaden the geographical area in which you are searching (eg using just the sector postcode SW1P rather than the full postcode SW1P 3AD).

If your firm still doesn’t appear when all surveying specialisms are de-selected and your geographical search has been broadened then please contact RICS – contactrics@rics.org.



RICS Regulation

Q. Why are only regulated firms shown in initial searches?

A. The default setting for the user is to search for Regulated firms. Regulated firms are those that are signed up to the RICS Rules of Conduct for Firms, and are regulated and monitored by RICS to ensure that they meet the highest standards. To provide the best service to the consumer, RICS encourages the public to use the services of a firm that it regulates.

You must register for RICS regulation if you are a firm that offers surveying services to third parties and where 50% or more of the principals are RICS members. Firms that offer surveying services to third parties and have less than 50% (but at least one) of their principals as RICS members can opt to be regulated. For more information on regulation please visit the RICS.org website or email regulation@rics.org.


Q. What is the difference between Find a Surveyor and the member directory?

A. The member directory is used to find an individual chartered surveyor and is designed as a peer-to-peer networking tool and to validate that an individual is an RICS Member. Find a Surveyor is used to locate a surveying firm in a particular geographical area, and is designed as a business generation tool.



Search and site traffic

Q. Why doesn’t RICSFirms.com come up in search results when I search on Google?

A. 22% of our web traffic comes from web search of which 80% comes from Google. RICSFirms.com appears on the first page of Google search results for the most commonly used consumer search terms.

By far the largest source of referrals is our main website rics.org which is visited by over 4 million users per year. At the bottom of every page on rics.org you find a search bar titled “Find a surveying firm”. Searches from these pages on rics.org send users to results pages in Find a Surveyor and generates over a third of all Find a Surveyor traffic.


Q. What traffic does Find a Surveyor get?

A. As of October 2016, Find A Surveyor receives an average of 32,000 users per month, 8,000 per week, 1142 per day. Our users have made searches on Find a Surveyor delivering the contact details of surveying firms over half a million times.

*Figures taken from Google Analytics April-October 2016.




Q. Who are Sunday Publishing?

A. Sunday Publishing is the sales agency contracted by RICS to manage sales of firm listings enhancements, advertising and editorial content on Find a Surveyor. They are authorised to operate on our behalf to ensure that firms can access the marketing profile opportunities they wish in a timely and professional way.

You can contact Sunday (Maddie McColgan) on 020 7871 2664 or by email maddie@wearesunday.com




Q. Who do I contact if I have an enquiry on Find a Surveyor?

A. For all queries please email fasenquiries@rics.com.

Queries related to changes of address details, telephone numbers, email addresses, employee details etc. are all made by RICS’ Contact Centre in Coventry which is RICS’ main customer service operation.

Any queries which cannot be resolved by the Contact Centre are then passed to either RICS’ technical team (if they are technical problems) or to Sunday Publishing (if they are sales queries). The Contact Centre acts as a triage to direct enquiries to the correct teams in the shortest possible time. The Contact Centre will acknowledge all enquiries within 48 hours.