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Find out what data is available about UK current and historical house prices and rental markets.

House price statistics have a huge impact and are seen as an important indicator on the state of the economy. Are you paying too much for a house or too little? Will prices change significantly?

Statistics data can be of crucial use as evidence for supporting a business case or highlighting a market trend. When using them why not note this advice from the BBC.

Statistics are often only available to subscriber or member groups - think for a moment about who would have compiled the data - an expensive and pain-staking process - and if so, why would they give it away for free?

View and download our UK Residential Market Surveys

To find out what surveyors know is happening with house prices, we publish a monthly Residential Market Survey. We hold statistics going back many years and have a vast amount of experience in compiling them. Our surveys are regularly reported in the wider media and are seen as an indicator of the state of the housing market.

We also produce a UK economy and property market chart book and publish occasional housing market updates.

Current and historical house price information from other sources

  • UK House Price Index launched on 14  June 2016 replaces the Land Registry and Office for National Statistics (ONS) monthly indices. Uses sales data collected on residential housing transactions whether for cash or with a mortgage. For England and Wales includes properties sold  since January 1995, for Scotland since January 2004 and Northern Ireland since January 2005. The main sources of price paid data are the Land Registry for England and Wales, Registers of Scotland and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs Stamp Duty Land Tax data for the Northern Ireland Residential property prices index (RPPI). Property atttributes data comes from Valuation Office Agency Council Tax  list for England and Wales, Registers of Scotland and Land and Property Services Northern Ireland.
  • Nationwide Building Society holds historical data back as far as 1973 in some of its data sets.
  • Halifax House price data back to 1983  is available on subscription from Markit.
  • Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) publishes statistical data on various housing topics. It is worth checking the live tables if you are looking for historical data on a housing topic.
  • Registers of Scotland  Quarterly Housing Market Statistics provides statistical on house prices in Scotland back to 2003.
  • Knight Frank publishes a range of residential research reports.

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