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3 Ways Estate Agents Can Stay Relevant in The Digital Age

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Technology often makes things in daily life more efficient and easier to undertake; the mundane and monotonous become manageable.

Our smartphone has become the alternative remote control to our life, work and home. In estate agency the impact of technology has not gone unnoticed.

Alex Evans from Estate Apps, a creative digital agency for the property industry, shares his views on three key steps estate agents can take to remain relevant and secure business in the digital age.

A website shouldn’t take a cup of tea’s time to load

The profile of an estate agency’s online presence is paramount these days, with the majority of property searches taking place outside of normal working hours, the online doors of the estate agent need to always be open.

Not only should an agency have a website, but a website that does not take a cup of tea’s time to load and one that will work on all devices i.e. responsive website design (RWD).

A voice beyond the screen

We have noticed not only should estate agents have a fully responsive website, but also a social media presence. While the website shows a portfolio of works and incredible branding, the social media is their voice beyond the screen.

We believe social media is about engaging with their clients and community, demonstrating their expertise in respective fields not just using social media as another property portal.

Content is king

What is especially important on the estate agent’s website and social media is the content. The content, whether text, graphic or video not only has an impact on search engine optimisation (SEO) i.e. how well ranked the agency’s website will be on search engines such as Google, but how well received the estate agency are to their audience, which can be measured by the reach and number of shares and clicks.

This year has seen an exponential increase of video and graphic content being viewed and shared across the internet generally, it is therefore vital estate agents take hold of this information and implement it into their digital strategy.

Estate Apps have a number of clients who have videography included on their website either on their homepage or use of vlogs. Where content is king, great visuals put the human element into the communication that is heavily digitised.